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A motherboard-based Framework gaming PC with removable controllers

Pitstoptech demonstrated a prototype gaming handheld based on the Framework Mainboard, a replaceable motherboard designed for Framework laptops. In short, Framework sells a motherboard for any use case, with third parties building cases to use the motherboard as a functional mini-PC. By the way, Framework recently significantly discounted its first series of Mainboards, which we discussed separately.

According to Pitstoptech, its own chassis houses the Mainboard itself, along with a 7-inch 1080p display, a 55 Wh battery and a pair of stereo speakers. In addition, the prototype is compatible with detachable Bluetooth controllers, mimicking Nintendo Switch, ONEXPLAYER 2 series and Lenovo Legion Go. Pitstoptech’s prototype is arguably as heavy as the other, with the Framework’s 55Wh battery topping 200g. Pitstoptech reportedly hopes to eventually sell DIY kits for those who want to build a gaming handheld rather than buy a pre-made one.

Current motherboards based on the Intel Framework are probably unsuitable for gaming. While Intel’s CPU cores are powerful enough, its Xe-series iGPUs are several generations old at this point. The upcoming arrival of AMD Ryzen 7040U series motherboards would remedy this shortcoming, although they could cost as much as the ASUS ROG Ally before being counted in the Pitstoptech DIY kit. Unfortunately, Pitstoptech has yet to share release details or a rough estimate of how much it would cost.

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