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A new NJ restaurant just made the NY Times list of America's Best Restaurants

A restaurant in New Jersey caught the eye again The New York Times.

The New York Times just published its list America’s Best Restaurants for 2023. While the list was predictably dominated by restaurants from New York and California, one place in the Garden State stood out. Fat Choya vegan Chinese restaurant in Englewood, was listed.

Here’s what Pete Wells of The New York Times had to say about Fat Choy:

Fat Choy originally opened in New York in September 2020 – and was voted one of the best new restaurants in America. dear sir in 2021 — but closed in December 2022 after the COVID-19 pandemic slowed business. This past August, they reopened the store across the river in Englewood.

Their vegan take on Chinese food (featuring dishes like cauliflower bao buns, kung pao tots and tofu and beef and broccoli prepared with mushrooms) earned Fat Choy a glowing review from NJ.com’s Lauren Musni.

This is far from the first time The New York Times has taken notice of New Jersey’s foodie scene. Wells famously awarded Jersey City’s Razza Pizzeria a three-star rating, making it one of the hottest restaurants in the state. Bread & Salt, another pizzeria in Jersey City, earned a similar rave review years later.

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