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Bill Maher Postpones Return of HBO's Real Time Writers' Strike - Deadline

Bill Maher is the latest host to delay his return to work.

Maher said it Real Time with Bill Maher will not return to HBO on September 22 as previously planned.

He joins the likes of Drew Barrymore and Conversation in delaying the return to study.

Over the weekend, a number of hosts, including Barrymore, reversed their decision to return to work after criticism from writers and actors. Jennifer Hudson made the same decision, while CBS’s The Talk also reversed course.

Last week, Maher said he was bringing back his late-night show “without writers” and said it was “time to put people back to work.”

The WGA called Maher’s decision “disappointing” and revealed it would boycott his show.

To change his mind, he now expressed optimism about talks between the WGA and AMPTP, which are due to take place later this week.

While Barrymore and others made a lot of noise on social media for deciding to return to work while the writers were still on strike, many writers didn’t expect the contrarian Maher to change his plans.

Real Time with Bill Maher, which was renewed by the Warner Bros.-owned network. Discovery to 2024 is exec produced by Maher, Sheila Griffiths, Marc Gurvitz, Dean Johnsen and Billy Martin. Chris Kelly is co-executive producer, Matt Wood is producer and Paul Casey is director.

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