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Black bear sighting in tree at Disney World triggers closure at Magic Kingdom

A black bear sighting at Florida’s Disney World caused parts of the “Happiest Place on Earth” to be closed Monday, the theme park announced.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said it was aware of a black bear that was reportedly in a tree at Orlando’s Magic Kingdom.

“In most cases, it is best for the bears to be given space and move around on their own, but given the situation, staff are working to capture and relocate the bear,” the agency told NBC News.

The bear was likely foraging ahead of its winter hibernation season, the FWC said.

Walt Disney World confirmed in a statement that FWC staff were on the scene working to trap the bear.

The “My Disney Experience” app showed long wait times amid bear sightings Monday afternoon.

Temporarily closed Magic Kingdom attractions included Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Hall of Presidents, Liberty Square Riverboat, A Pirate’s Adventure, Tom Sawyer Island, Walt Disney World Railroad including Fantasyland, Frontierland and Main Street.

But on Monday afternoon, Walt Disney World said it was reopening Frontierland, Liberty Square and Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park while the search for the bear continued.

Around 1:30 p.m. ET, NBC affiliate WESH from OrlandoA helicopter captured aerial footage of what appeared to be a bear in a white tarp being carried by several law enforcement agents as they moved out of the wooded area.

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