Deion Sanders condemns death threats directed at Henry Blackburn who hit Travis Hunter late in Colorado State football game | Albiseyler

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Colorado head coach Deion Sanders says it’s “absurd for people to make threats” against Colorado State player Henry Blackburn over his hit on Colorado star Travis Hunter on Saturday.


Head football coach of the University of Colorado Deion Sanders on Tuesday condemned death threats allegedly directed at a Colorado State University player involved in a play that injured the Colorado star over the weekend.

Sanders said at a scheduled press conference ahead of the Colorado Buffaloes’ upcoming game in Oregon that he himself receives death threats every week, but “a child” should never be subjected to that type of intimidation.

Sanders was referring to Colorado State Rams safety Henry Blackburn, who was penalized for unnecessary roughness after he hit Buffaloes punter Travis Hunter late in Colorado’s 43-35 double overtime win over Colorado State on Saturday. Hunter, a standout wide receiver and cornerback, was hospitalized after suffering a blow to his midsection.

“Henry Blackburn is a good player who played a phenomenal game. He made a huge hit on Travis on the sideline,” Sanders said. “You could call it dirty, you could call it ‘he was just playing football,’ but whatever it was, it doesn’t mean he should be getting death threats.”

On Monday, Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell said Blackburn and Blackburn’s family were threatened after Hunter’s hit. The university and police are supporting Blackburn, Norvell said.

Sanders said he was “sad when any of our fans are on the other end of these threats.”

“I’m hoping and not praying. The kid played the best he could and he made a mistake,” Sanders said.

Hunter and the Colorado team forgave Blackburn, Sanders said. Hunter was released from the hospital Monday, the coach said.

“At the end of the day, it’s football. Things like that (late hit) happen,” Hunter said during Monday’s live broadcast. “He (Blackburn) did what he had to do. It’s football. Sooner or later something bad happens on the pitch. You have to get up and fight again. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Sanders, who also answered questions about the Buffaloes’ win and their upcoming game against Oregon, ended his press conference with further condemnation of the threats against Blackburn.

“Let’s pray for that child.” This is absurd for people to threaten him. I don’t mind death threats. I get them every week,” he said. “But baby, it’s not good.

Police in Fort Collins, home to Colorado State University, are investigating the threats against Blackburn and are “taking additional steps to ensure the safety of the player and his family,” police told CNN.

Fort Collins police are “fully committed to the safety and security of individuals in our community and take all threats against anyone’s life seriously,” said Fort Collins Police Lt. Sara Lynd.

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