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Drew Barrymore's talk show shuts down amid Hollywood strike

Drew Barrymore has said she will suspend production of her daytime talk show after facing a huge backlash from writers, actors and fans over her decision to bring the show back amid the Hollywood strike.

“I have listened to everyone and I am deciding to put the show on hold until the strike is over,” she said. he said in a statement posted on Instagram. “I am at a loss for words to express my deepest apologies to anyone I have hurt and of course to our incredible team who have worked on the show and made it what it is today.”

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Barrymore announced on Sept. 10 that “The Drew Barrymore Show” would restart production amid writer and actor strikes that led to protests and demonstrations by the Writers Guild of America outside her New York studio last week.

Writers have been on strike for more than four months, campaigning for better pay and protection in the streaming era. The Screen Actors Guild launched its own strike in July over similar issues, including better residual pay from streaming services. The “Drew Barrymore Show” employs three WGA writers, all of whom demonstrated outside the show’s tapings last week.

“I really hope we get an industry-wide solution soon,” Barrymore wrote on Instagram on Sunday. Barrymore’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Originally CBS he announced in early September, Barrymore’s show will return for a new season with a September 18 premiere date. A CBS Media spokesperson said Sunday that the company stands with Barrymore.

“We support Drew’s decision to put the show’s return on hold and understand how complex and difficult the process has been for her,” a spokesperson said.

As filming took place Monday and Tuesday, attendees said they were greeted by protesters and WGA protesters who chanted phrases like “CBS! You’re a mess!” and “We expect more – more from Drew Barry!” Some audience members were presented with WGA support badges. According to multiple newstwo Barrymore fans wearing WGA badges were asked to leave the taping for security reasons.

“Gilda has and will continue to pick up the pickets that are in production during the strike.” Any writing on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ is against WGA rules,” the site posted WGA East Instagram account he said last week.

Her decision to resume the production also prompted the National Book Awards to withdraw its invitation to Barrymore to host the next ceremony. Writers took to social media to criticize Barrymore for going ahead with the recording. In May, Barrymore refused to host the MTV Movie and TV Awards in support of the strike.

Despite the strike, a number of daytime talk shows, including “The View,” remained in production. Similarly, “Danger!” announced in August that it would return with recycled questions for its 40th season.

Last week, “The Jennifer Hudson Show” and “The Talk” he announced he returns during the strike shortly after Barrymore makes up his mind. It is not clear whether these shows will also suspend production.

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