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Future Bethesda Games Leak Including 'Oblivion' Remaster, 'Dishonored 3'

I’m currently on my third story of the morning based on a wild collection of leaks from accidentally released documents in the FTC v. MicrosoftMSFT case. So far this has included a look at the new design of the Xbox Series X, the idea that Microsoft only wanted to buy Nintendo in 2020, and now? A complete breakdown of Bethesda’s upcoming releases, hardly any of which have been publicly announced.

Here is the list as it stands:

  • An Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Remaster that was originally slated for FY 2022 but has apparently been pushed back.
  • Doom Year Zero in FY2023, with DLC for it coming in FY2024.
  • Fallout 3 remaster in FY2024
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo 2 in FY2024
  • Dishonored 3 in FY2024

Next up is the upcoming Indiana Jones game, which we know about but still doesn’t have a firm date for. There are also projects codenamed Project Kestral, Project Platinum, and an unnamed “licensed IP game”.

While those timelines, starting in 2022, have probably mostly moved on, the revelations of upcoming projects like Oblivion and Fallout 3 and Dishonored 3 remasters are a big deal. Everyone has been wondering what might happen to Arkane after the failure of Redfall, and many are likely headed to Dishonored 3 instead. Of course, this was planned before Redfall bombed earlier this year.

Elder Scrolls VI is of course also here, but in the Fiscal Year 2024 section, which we now know is simply not even remotely possible. We just found out about it early development it started on the game now that Starfield was launched (again, late, according to this document) and other leaks suggested it wouldn’t arrive until 2026 or later (and it wouldn’t be coming to PlayStation).

I have to say, it seems… bleak for Bethesda post-Starfield, given that many of these projects were very likely pushed far beyond the stated timeframes. I think they’re banking on Starfield being a Skyrim-like release with long-term success, which it may be, but it’s too early to tell. They rely on remasters of some of their other classics since Skyrim has been re-released a million times.

Three unnamed projects could be interesting, although the fact that they are they are the code names indicate that they will most likely be even later than the named ones. The upcoming Indiana Jones game looks like a wild card. As for another “licensed IP game”, if Bethesda got Indy, I wonder if they could do Star Wars.

Again, we’ll see if Bethesda has anything to say about this, even if it’s just “this is very outdated and plans keep changing”. But some of these games will undoubtedly happen, it’s just a matter of when.

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