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How to complete Second Thoughts in the Starfield

Most of the missions you’ll find in Starfield take place in the game’s main hub worlds or take place in populated settlements like Cydonia or Hopetown. However, you can pick up some other missions on your travels that are repeatable and provide a decent amount of credits or other loot. One such mission involves several miners having trouble finding their way. Here’s how to complete Second Thoughts in Starfield.

Starfield Second Thoughts Guide

Before I get into how to finish Second thoughts in Starfield I want to make one thing clear. I won’t be specific about where you get this mission since it’s random. While some people have seen it in places like Alpha Centauri or Nesoi in the Olympus system, I found this mission in the Jaffa system. It all depends on your game. With that, let’s get started.

Find miners who need help

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To find the Second Thoughts mission, you must first find some miners who need your help. These are most often found on sa planets Mining base but can be found in places like a military post if miners are present. Miners also may not have a mission available, instead asking you to take care of some Spacers or scan minerals when you talk to them. It all depends on the RNG.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when the miner you’re talking to mentions that he didn’t make much money from his expedition and won’t have transport for a while. As such, they want a lift to the nearest safe settlement.

Transport the miners to a safe settlement

Starfield Second Thoughts mission description
Image via Prima Games.

This is where the vast majority of you are likely to stumble. While the mission objective says to transport people to a safe settlement, checking the description will provide a specific location where they must be transported. For example, my mission replay has an objective wording “Transport the miners of the six sisters to a safe settlement”. If I took them to most settlements it wouldn’t do anything. However, if I read the mission description, it says “I agree to transport a group of six-sister miners to the Wagoner Farm”.

Armed with this knowledge, take the miners to this settlement and you’re done! You should get a nice boost of both experience and credits. Speaking of credits, check out our Starfield puddle glitch guide.

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