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The Google Pixel 8 series is less than a month away from launch, but rumored European prices suggest a huge price hike is on the way. The standard Pixel 8 could start at €874.25 (up from €649), while the Pixel 8 Pro could set you back €1,235 (up from €849).

Earlier this month, we published a poll asking you whether you would still buy the Pixel 8 series if these price hikes were correct. Well, here are the results.

Would you buy the Pixel 8 even if it’s so expensive?


More than 3,200 votes were counted in this poll, and it showed that a massive 71.7% of respondents will not buy the Pixel 8 phones if these price hikes are correct.

That’s no surprise, as those hikes would be massive leaps above the competing price of the Pixel 7 line. You also have to imagine that flaws like underpowered and hot Tensor chips are easier to overlook when you’re paying a cheaper price in the first place.

The vast majority of readers surveyed say they won’t buy a Pixel 8 phone if the rumored European prices are accurate.

Meanwhile, 12.5% ​​of readers surveyed said they would “maybe” buy a Pixel 8 phone in light of these price hike rumors. Rounding out the top three were “I wasn’t even planning to buy a Pixel,” accounting for 9.3% of the vote.

In the end, only 6.5% of respondents said they would still buy a Pixel 8 phone if this price increase turned out to be true. These people probably feel the Pixel software, camera experience, and commitment to update are worth the premium.

It’s worth noting that an earlier leak pointed to a $50-$100 price increase (at least for the US). About half of all respondents Android Authority readers said they would still buy the Pixel 8 line for $50 more in a survey published earlier this year. Less than a quarter said they would buy the phones if they were $100 more expensive. So many people are not opposed to a more moderate price increase.


  • Bikram: If the phone comes out with prices like this in the US and is still sold as the P7 series… I have no hope for humanity. (Slight exaggeration, but you get the drift.) Corpos will get another solid proof that they can do whatever they want, and the consumer addicts will keep throwing money at them.
  • Martha: Wow… those prices are going to miss a lot of people. When the US economy is in shambles, people won’t have the spare cash to afford such high prices
  • Bearded nomad: The only way I’d pay that much for a Pixel is if it came with a Qualcomm chip and real 2023-level fast charging.
  • berto1014: My P6P is working fine almost 2 years later. I am considering an upgrade this year, but certainly not at full price. I’ll happily wait for the price to come back down to reality and then pick it up. But yeah, I’ll run P6P here until it dies if I have to.
  • Ben: For me, the price doesn’t matter, what matters is the upgrade cost. Last year Best buy gave me a pixel 7 with a pixel 6 for just $20 plus tax on the $20 so $22. Best buy will give me $580 for the pixel 7. And Best buy is one of the few companies I know of that reduces taxes on the value of the trade-in. If I had to pay around $100 this year I would because it’s bigger main camera sensor. Hopefully a better chip and probably an ultrasonic fingerprint as well. All those things are definitely worth more than the upgrade from 6-7.
  • Geoffrey Morrow: I’ve had every Google phone since the Nexus 5 (yeah, I know they’re not the best phones, but I like them)… if these prices are right, it’s going to be very, very hard on me. If Google is reading this, those numbers should be a typo because no one will be attending the Pixel 8 party at those door prices.
  • Mike: I will buy whichever is cheaper this year, either iphone 15 plus or pixel 8 pro.
  • RH: LOL if Google does this I’ll stick with my 7 pro for a while until they find they don’t sell then drop the price. I upgraded from 6 to 7 because it was only 200 bucks, but that much of an increase if they don’t pay me to move for my 7 pro? Forget it.

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