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Marvel's Avengers now $4 before being permanently discontinued

Marvel’s Avengers is singing its swan song with a 90 percent discount days before developer Crystal Dynamics pulls it from shelves forever.

As he noted IGN, Marvel’s Avengers dropped from $39.99 to $3.99 in anticipation of its release on September 30th. This prize will remain for the last days of the game. It is available on PlayStation Store and Steam. The $3.99 price is also available for Marvel’s Avengers Definitive Edition on Xbox Marketplace with Game Pass.

In a note posted on Marvel’s Avengers page SteamyCrystal Dynamics has assured fans that the game will remain playable beyond the end of the month. Although the game will not provide customer service after September 30, all operations and limited-time events such as the Red Room will continue in regular cycles.

“Thank you to all our players for joining us on these adventures and letting us tell our stories with Kamala, Bruce, Tony, Steve, Nate, Thor, Clint, Kate, T’Challa, Pete, Jane and Bucky. For anyone who hasn’t joined us yet, we hope you’ll take this last chance to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes alongside your friends,” Crystal Dynamics said in a statement. “Remember: goodness is not a thing that you are; it’s a thing you do.”

The disappointing history of Marvel’s Avengers

Released in September 2020, the beleaguered game drew dismal reviews from critics and fans alike. Game-breaking bugs and limited content plagued the title from the start, leading to massive player attrition just a month later. Crystal Dynamics originally promised a new hero for the month. In the end, only five and a sixth – Spider-Man – were added exclusively for PlayStation consoles.

In March 2023, Crystal Dynamics released the final patch for Marvel’s Avengers. Many microtransaction-locked skins became free, and shipment rewards and hero cards moved to the marketplace. Since the patch, players have received a 1.5x multiplier on Fragments and XP. It is unclear whether this will continue after the removal.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. It remains available on shelves and digital markets until September 30.

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