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Marvel's Avengers will get a dramatic discount before being phased out

Official support for Marvel’s Avengers ends on September 30th, which means you’ll no longer be able to purchase Crystal Dynamics’ ill-fated superhero adventure from that date. Luckily, there’s a dramatic sale going on right now – just in time.

Marvel’s Avengers – The Definitive Edition is 90% off as part of a deal that ends on September 30th, the same day it disappears forever. This makes the game free for just a few dollars.

Sale arrived together with sa note from Crystal Dynamics about removing the game. While Marvel’s Avengers will no longer be for sale, it will remain playable for owners largely as it is today, the studio said.

All currently available content will continue to be available as-is after September 30th, for both solo and multiplayer. If you own the game, it will remain in your game library for download and reinstallation after this date. Even limited-time events like the Red Room Takeover will continue beyond September 30th on a two-week rotation. Repeating quest chains, events, and rewards will continue to refresh at the cadence they always have, Crystal Dynamics explained. All War for Wakanda operations and expansions will continue to be playable as they are now.

However, support for Marvel’s Avengers ends on September 30th, which means no customer support and no further updates.

“Thank you to all our players for joining us on these adventures and allowing us to tell our stories with Kamala, Bruce, Tony, Steve, Nate, Thor, Clint, Kate, T’Challa, Pete, Jane and Bucky,” Crystal Dynamics he said.

“For anyone who hasn’t joined us yet, we hope you take this last chance to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes alongside your friends.

“Remember: goodness is not a thing that you are; it’s a thing you do.”

Marvel’s Avengers received its last patch in March, less than three years after the game was released. This made many of the game’s cosmetics more accessible, completely removing the Shipment and Hero Challenge Cards systems and placing their rewards in the Marketplace instead. The update also automatically converted players’ credit balances to in-game resources, turning Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors into a permanent 1.5x multiplier on fragments and XP earned.

IGN gave Marvel’s Avengers 6/10 of an inch our reviewpraising its campaign but criticizing its loot-based endgame and limited mission variety at launch.

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