More than 500 developers have joined Unity’s protest against the runtime fee policy | Albiseyler

More than 500 developers have joined Unity's protest against the runtime fee policy

Other companies and developers joined the protest against Unity by turning off ads and monetization.

Last week, 16 studios suspended all Unity-based monetization in protest of the company’s proposed pay-per-run policy.

Now over 503 developers have signed on (and counting). mass letter disable all IronSource SDK and Unity Ads monetization “until the new terms are reviewed.”

Studios that have joined the collective include Tap Nation, People Fun, Magic Tavern, Lion Studios, Belka Games, Machine Zone, Clipwire, Mindstorm Studios and more.

“As an immediate action, our collective of game development companies is being forced to shut down all IronSource and Unity Ads monetization across our projects until these changes are reconsidered,” the letter read.

“We urge others who share this stance to do the same. The rules have changed and the stakes are simply too high. The per-run fee is an unacceptable shift in our partnership with Unity that must be canceled immediately.”

Unity management informed staff on Monday of planned revisions to the proposed plan. According to BloombergThese changes include a maximum fee of 4% of game revenue over $1 million, a non-retroactive install threshold, and for users to self-report install counts.

It comes after Unity apologized in response to the ongoing backlash, in which the company acknowledged the “confusion and anxiety” caused by the proposed changes. Policy changes will be shared in “a few days.”

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