New UK ban could take dogs away from owners | Albiseyler

There is no formal definition yet "American XL Bully breed" in the UK which will need to be classified before the ban is introduced.

UK pet owners could face a tough road if they own a certain breed of dog, thanks to a new ban proposed by government officials.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Friday plan to ban what it calls the “American XL Bully” dog from the UK after a series of attacks blamed on the breed. This bill would not only make it a crime to own, breed, donate or sell an XL bully, but it may also give authorities permission to seize animals even if they have no record of aggression.

While owners would be able to apply for a court-ordered exemption, they could also face hefty fines and potential jail time.

Sunak called the dogs “a danger to our communities” during the announcement, where he also shared that the rule will go into effect by the end of the year.

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