War in Ukraine: Russian officers 'killed', Black Sea fleet 'heavy damage', drone strikes

War in Ukraine: Russian officers ‘killed’, Black Sea fleet ‘heavy damage’, drone strikes | Albiseyler

The latest updates from the war in Ukraine. Ukraine claims to have killed more than 30 Russian officers A missile attack on the Russian navy’s Crimean headquarters last week killed 34 officers, including the fleet commander, Ukraine said on Monday, though without providing evidence. ADVERTISEMENT Ukrainian special operations forces said in a cable that they…

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Money Crops

Preventing $220 Billion in Damage – Scientists Discover Potential Way to Disarm Mysterious Family of Microbial Proteins | Albiseyler

Scientists have discovered how some harmful bacterial proteins, AvrE/DspE, cause crop disease by suppressing the plant’s immune system. Using AI predictions, the team discovered that these proteins create channels in plants that lead to infections, but also discovered nanoparticles that can block these channels and effectively prevent bacteria from causing damage, which could save the…

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