The Google Nest Hub Max will no longer support the two biggest meeting apps | Albiseyler

Google continues its shift away from smart devices by ending support for Zoom as well as Google Meet meetings on its Nest Hub Max device, 9to5Google reported. As of September 28th, some users have started receiving notifications that they can no longer join meetings from their devices. The news follows Zoom’s announcement in July that support for the Nest Hub Max video calling service will end on September 30th – I guess Google really wanted those services to go away. October.

Google said in a statement that “support for joining meetings using meeting codes and links in Meet” will end, but also noted that “there is no change to making 1:1 and group video calls with friends, family, and businesses using Google Meet. .”

We were fans of the Google Nest Hub Max when it first came out in 2019, giving it an 86 in our review for features like its high-quality display and sound. Initially, it only offered Google Duo, but the subsequent outbreak of the pandemic led to the introduction of Zoom and Meet, and the device soon became known (and bought) for video calls. Now these programs are on their way out. Additionally, Google stopped all support for third-party games and voice apps in June, and its Nest Cam still hasn’t moved to the Google Home app.

Nest Hub Max owners are not happy with the changes: One Reddit user said“What will it be? A giant paperweight.” Another user said they wanted a refund because the video calling feature convinced them to buy the device.

Update: September 18, 2023, 4:00 PM ET: This story and its headline have been updated to note that Google isn’t ending support for Meet entirely, just ending support for joining meetings via codes and links.

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