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This Starfield puddle exploit allows you to loot an entire store's inventory for free

Another day, another Starfield exploit. The latter allows players to loot the inventory of a poor unsuspecting merchant in Akila City.

Like Skyrim’s old infinite money problem, players have found a sneaky way to rob the Shepherd’s General Store if they’re in third person and just in front of a very easy puddle.

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“WOW,” wrote YouTuber JamieMoranUK on X/Twitter. “If you go to Akila City, look in the puddle in front of the store, Shepherds. You can get all of the store’s inventory for FREE.

Open the bank, wait 24 hours and do it again.”

Of course, the usual caveats apply, so you’ll need to be in full incognito mode to ensure no annoying busybody notices your nefarious ways and destroys you.

A similar glitch also occurs in front of the Rowland Arms, as Moran demonstrates for us below:

Within hours, Moran updated his Twitter thread to say, “People in my replies are already saying I’m posting it wrong,” though it’s unclear whether the critics are upset that people are abusing the game in this way, or just an angry Moran bringing the exploit to world. – and Bethesda – attention.

For now, though, both exploits are still live, so get your boots on… if you have any room left in your inventory, of course.

Thinking about jumping into Starfield but worried about leveling up? This player has a great tip for you.

YouTuber Maka91Productions has released a complete guide on their clever way to maximize your Starfield XP. Granted, you won’t be able to get your hands on it right away – you’ll need some skill points and the Outpost Engineering skill to set it up, as well as a pretty good grasp of the game’s mechanics – but once you’ve got a few hours under your belt, make sure you you research energy production and resource extraction in a research lab.

We gave the space adventure 3 out of 5 stars in our Eurogamer Starfield review, saying: “Starfield combines near-impossible breadth with Bethesda’s classic knack for system physics, magnetic sidequests and quirky vignettes. But by sacrificing direct exploration for the sake of pure scale, there is nothing that connects it”.

Today we learned that NexusMods banned a Starfield mod that allowed players to remove pronoun options from the game.

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