Video of Forid Morgan Osman’s epic in-flight influence meltdown has gone viral | Trends | Albiseyler

Video of Forid Morgan Osman's epic in-flight influence meltdown has gone viral |  Trends

A video showing influencer Morgan Osman’s bizarre in-flight meltdown has gone viral. Morgan, who claimed she was dating Britney Spears’ husband Sam Ashgari after the divorce announcement, boasted about being “Instagram famous” in the video.

Video showing influencer Morgan Osman’s bizarre in-flight meltdown has gone viral (@EdKrassen/X)

Morgan, 35, who has appeared on Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club and VHI’s fashion series Miami Monkey, confirmed to the New York Post that she is indeed in the video. “Yes, it’s me,” she said. The video shows Morgan in the middle of an argument with an off-screen passenger aboard an unspecified American Airlines flight.

“Call me again ab-h,” the Miami, Florida, native can be heard saying. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she adds, to which the passenger she argued with asks her to “shut up.” Morgan tells the flyer to “shut up” instead.

As Morgan is leaving, she notices a passenger filming her. “Film me, I’m famous on Instagram, you fucking asshole,” she tells the person. When the onlookers burst out laughing, he tells them to “shut up”.

Morgan Osman claimed she was dating Sam Asghari, fueling the infidelity rumours

After news broke of Britney and Sam’s split, Morgan claimed she was seeing Sam while he was dating the singer. This led fans to speculate that there may have been infidelity in Sam and Britney’s relationship. Morgan even posted a photo of herself kissing Sam, but quickly deleted it.

Sam recently filed for divorce from Britney. The divorce filing, which was recently filed, cites “irreconcilable differences” between Sam, 29, and Britney, 41, according to the BBC. The two got engaged in September 2021 and tied the knot in June 2022.

Morgan’s tantrum brought to mind on social media Tiffany Gomas, the now-famous passenger who was filmed breaking down after seeing a fellow passenger on the flight who she believed was “not real”. The incident occurred in July aboard a flight from Dallas, Texas. An argument with a relative over airpods led to the incident. Coincidentally, Tiffany’s tantrum also occurred during an American Airlines flight.

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